How to Choose an Area Rug

How to Choose an Area Rug

Choosing the correct rug makes all the difference.

Oftentimes, a rug can be an afterthought when styling a room, and when that happens, the room looks disjointed. Below we provide some tips and hints on how to shop for a rug that will anchor any room.

1. Bigger is better

Choosing a rug that is too small can result in your room looking smaller. When using a rug in a space like a living room, you want the rug to span the space between furniture and preferably be large enough that the front legs of your furniture are on it.

When choosing a rug for a bedroom, don't make the common mistake of placing a rug at the foot of, or along the side of your bed. A bedroom rug should be underneath the bed with enough left over on either side and the foot of the bed that you can confidently place two feet on it.

2. Layer, layer, layer!

For generations we have assumed that rugs should be on their own, with furniture arranged around, or on top.

Just like you may have tried with your clothing, layering rugs can be a great way to build dimension, color and texture into your look.

A quick tip for the budget conscious, layering different types and sizes of rugs is an affordable way to cover a larger space.

3. Carpets need rugs too

Just because you have wall to wall carpeting, don't neglect the need for a rug or two. Why? Because rugs can be used to break up large spaces, create defined areas and reduce wear and tear on your carpet.

4. The rug comes first

When choosing a rug, you need to think of it as an anchor that will pull together everything else in that space, therefore, don't leave the choice of rug to last! Invest some time into selecting a rug that incorporates color, texture or patterns or all three elements that will pull in aspects of the furniture and decor you are looking to buy.

5. Patterns are your friends

When everything is a block color, a room can and will look flat and two dimensional, therefore incorporating some contrast such as a pattern is a confident choice to add some emotion (and dimension) to a room.

6. Padding is essential

We've all been there, walked on a rug that has moved or slipped. Don't skimp on a rug pad. It adds cushion to the feeling of a rug, protects hardwood floors and stops slips and trips. Do NOT use gorilla tape or rug tape. It's useless and doesn't do the job!

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